How does our learning journey look like ?

GDP Grand Learning Tour

As part of a comprehensive development structure, the Graduate Trainees will go through four (4) formal classroom training phases. These trainings focus on specific modules that are covered over a period of three (3) weeks in-between their rotations.

All Graduate Trainees go through a formal induction and assimilation programme in order to be acclimatized into DAL Group.

All Graduate Trainees undergo a standard Performance Evaluation Process which is key to providing feedback and evaluating performance during the rotation period. Graduates are assessed based on identified competences that are tailored to aid the fast-tracking process into key leadership/strategic positions within DAL Group businesses.

Graduate Trainees are allocated on four (4) job rotations consisting of five (5) months each. Placements are done based on requests by Business Managers and availability of trainees. Placements into various business functions over a period of two-year rotations will cover 4 BUs and minimum of 2 Divisions.

After completing the Graduate Development Programme, the graduate will be released into the business where DAL Group offers a wide range of career opportunities across its business footprint ranging many industries. This allows the graduate to further grow their careers in the largest and most diversified business conglomerate in Sudan.

At the end of 24 months of training (i.e. rotational periods), the Graduate Trainees are placed on a two (2) year mandatory position within DAL Businesses or a three (3) year position, in case the graduate is part of the finance stream. These graduate trainees will continue to remain part of the Talent Pool under the DAL Group Talent Management Department. Thus, their contract including remuneration will continue to be determined and managed at the Group level.