How do we select our graduates?

Step by Step selection process

Candidates will undergo a two-level English language proficiency test. One level assesses candidates on their reading, writing and listening skills while the second level assesses candidates against their English language speaking skills. Second phase of assessment is a psychometric test (Numerical & Verbal reasoning).

You will be providing your personal details as well as an overview of your academic achievements showcasing your capabilities, interests and talent. Refer to Step-by-Step Application Video

The final phase of assessment would assess shortlisted candidates on their presentation skills. Candidates will be required to come in a do a presentation in front of a panel of expertise.

Those who pass the psychometric test, would then go through the assessment centers, which aims to assess candidates’ personal traits, skills and knowledge to see if they match with the organizational culture and weather they have what we are looking for at DAL Group. They will then be required to present themselves to a panel to undergo a structured competency based interview.

Welcome to DAL Group! This means that you are now officially on board the Graduate Development Programme. You will need to attend a 2 Week Onboarding and sign-on process before commencing with your 1st Rotation Assignment.

Congratulations if you have made it thus far it means that you will be receiving an offer to participate in the DAL Group Graduate Development Programme.